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Scrimshaw Engraving

Myrna Darby it was a Ziegfeld Girl Ziegfeld Follies of
which was the name of a series of musical magazines deluxe best quality in the elaboration of their choreography, sets, costumes and staging general of Broadway, New York between 1907 and 1931. Myrna is known of her beauty stood out from the rest of showgirls
  but above all his good nature, generosity and companionship. some critics
  they considered as the most beautiful face in the constellation
beauties of the Ziegfeld Girl .She died 21 years and the press of the time stressed that the cause she was a heartbreak.


Scrimshaw in detail.


Closure textured finish.


Back closure.

Back antler burrs elk deer.


Sketch and scrimshaw.

Scrimshaw Myrna Darby.

Antler burrs scrimshaw engraved elk deer, cord kangaroo leather, german silver clamps close horn ram and maple wood stabilized.
Scrimshaw engraving measure 4,1cm / 4,5cm, wider side.
Measure pendant 6,6cm / 5.8 cm approx.
Measure of kangaroo leather cord 45cm. approx.
Measure of closing, horn ram 5.9 cm / 3cm and maple wood stabilized 4.5cm / 2cm.


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