noemi rafel scrimshaw

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Using unique and exotic materials not mean having to give a particularly tricky deal.
All materials I use in my creations are strong, tough and always submit to quality testing, if not surpass not go on sale, some of that quality is not requiring more care than any other common piece of jewelry or high jewelery.


The raw materials we use from the selected suppliers around the world, taking special care to follow the rules of hygiene and conservation of existing species in the European Union to ensure excellent quality and customer satisfaction.
For their parts always look like the first day just follow a few simple tips
Do not clean the horn, leather or wood or other kind of dishwasher detergent.
Use a cloth dampened with cold water for cleaning and dry immediately with another dry absorbent cloth or paper towels, never with hair
Do not soak the horn, leather or wood with tap water, shower or pool.
Do not store the horn, leather or wood in a place where you can experience a long sun exposure.
Remove jewelry when you go to shower or clean hands.

Following these tips a gem for life always ensures the best conditions display.


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